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Bride’s Interview with Photographer, Jonathan Yan:

1. How did you become a wedding photographer?
I have been in photography all my life. A friend of mine had asked if I could shoot her pre-wedding images after her photographer cancelled on her on the day of the shoot. She was desperate and in tears, so I helped her out. We drove to a park with her fiancee and it turned out to be a fun experience and they loved their images. Since then, I was determined to become an outstanding wedding photographer. So, that’s all it took to be where I am today – doing what I love.

2. What are your goals as a wedding photographer?
I have two main goals: 1) To create imagery for my clients that tells a story of their special day. After the wedding, what is left are the still images. Twenty years looking back at the same photograph, we want you and your spouse to live in the moment again because I believe a powerful image speaks for itself. 2) To provide exceptional customer service and be an excellent resource for our couples.

3. We love your Wedding and Engagement galleries. Everything looks amazing, but can you tell us what sets you apart from other wedding photographers?
Absolutely! Our turnaround time for the final wedding image selection process is between 2-3 weeks We know our couples are anxious to see their images, so we put together our favourite images within 24 hours as a teaser. In addition, all our wedding packages come with a custom designed album where they get to pick their favourite images.

4. All of this is wonderful, but can we afford this?
Our base package starts from $2,999. We offer a free in-person consultation to discuss a suitable package for your needs on your wedding day. If you are out of town, we can jump onto a Skype call.

5. Will you have a second shooter? Can you and your second shooter shoot separate at two different locations to save time?
My lovely wife, Debbie, is my second shooter. While I work with the bride and groom, she mainly focuses on candid and detail images behind the scenes. For example: mom and dad’s reaction when they first see their daughter in her lovely dress. That way, moments that you may have missed are captured. We work as a team and stay as a team. We don’t split up due to the above reasons.

6. What cameras and lenses do you use?
We use Nikon professional equipment.

7. Do you have back up equipment?
Yes, we have extra equipment in case something unexpected happens.

8. Do you have insurance coverage?
Yes, we have general commercial liability insurance.

9.  Do you work well with other vendors?
Yes, we work well with other vendors. We are fun, friendly and professional, and have been in the industry for a few years.

10. Do you take more than one wedding per day?
We get asked a lot with this question. No, we don’t shoot more than one wedding per day. Once you book us for the date, that date is yours! We won’t give that date to anyone else even if they give us an offer.

11. You sound like you are someone I want to work with, what are the next steps to proceed?
We invite you for a free consultation, where we can hear all about your day and see if we are a good fit for each other in personality and style. We’ll also walk you through our packages and recommend one based on your needs. You can contact us at info@jonyanphotography.com

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