» How do you keep your special day with you in the years to come?

How do you keep your special day with you in the years to come?

You had spent so many days and hours to plan your perfect day.  Now, your perfect day is over.  The cake, decor and guests are gone, but you got the ring.  Yay! Congrats! All you got are flashbacks of what you can remember from your day.  You posted every image on to your Facebook wall as a document in your social media life.  You may still remember bits and pieces of the important highlights from your wedding because it’s only been a day or two months since the wedding.   Life gets busy as we all know.  Days turn into months, and months turn into years, and years turn into decades.  By then, you’re busy with life that you had forgotten those highlights you once had.  Sure, your photos are guaranteed on your Facebook wall or you can pop in that DVD your photographer gave you.  Would we still have a DVD by then?  Who knows where technology will take us.  Now we’re in the world of USBs.  We can still plug in the USB and open the huge list of jpeg files in your image viewer and scroll for hours.  Alternatively, you can also scroll down for a while on your page to find your post years ago.  But, do you really have those hours to embrace each image one by one?

Although we are in the digital age, and it’s the “IN” thing to get all your photos on a DVD and post it on Facebook and get the likes from your family and friends, there’s a reason why we, as photographers, believe in prints. Prints will last a life time. Think back of a very old photograph your grandmother or mother showed you back in their days.  Digital didn’t exist at the time.  All they had were prints. How old was the photograph?  Can you imagine your digital files in that DVD or USB  lasting that long without being at risk of  lost in your drawer or misplaced from moving.  Would we have DVD players and USB slots in our computers by then?  How nice was it  your grandmother or mother were able to share their memories with you – their next generation?   How will you share your memories with yours?

As photographers, we make every effort to preserve your memories.  You hired us to document your special day, and we want to make sure our job is done by ensuring your memories from your special day are preserved in any tangible form – be it an album, a canvas, a framed print or a stack of 4 x 6s tucked in a keepsake box reliving the moments. Any form is as preservation for you to share with your next generation –  just like your grandmother shared hers with you.

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